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7 Best Things to Do While your Loved One is on Treatment

Posted: August 4, 2015 by in Addiction Recovery Care Center

It is somewhat a relief that your loved one has finally admitted that he or she has a big problem with alcohol and drugs and agreed to rehab. Perhaps you went through the process of searching for the best addiction and rehab treatments, or put together an alcohol and drug addiction intervention and had the emotional experience with family or friends. Your dear one came around and made a promise before leaving for rehab, so now what?

There are several things you should definitely consider doing while your precious one is undergoing rehab. One is to prepare you and your family to better learn how to care for the recovering addict upon completing the treatment program. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily about him or her; these are the 7 things you should do while your treasured ones is in rehab.

Get rid of any drugs left around

This may not always the issue, usually when an addict leaves for rehab; family should automatically dispose of every last drug left around. Moreover, some of the addicts leave behind paraphernalia of their old way of life. These things might stir up some old emotions when they come home and discover there are no drugs.

Discuss the situation with immediate family

It is vital that you take time to try to talk about the changes taking place. When a dearest one goes for treatment, the family is left confused or in a mess. If you’re a parent, you need to talk to the children about why their brother or sister has gone away.

In addition, while that treasured one is in the treatment program, try to encourage the immediate family to be compassionate or understanding, this will help the addict when he or she returns home. Help family members with any questions they may have, even if that means finding answers together. You can ask for help with a professional interventionist for having a carefully planned alcohol and drug addiction intervention.

Join support groups

Support groups are not just for alcoholics and addicts, but also for their families and friends who have suffered and struggled with them through the bad times.

Consult a doctor for medical information

This option may not always seem possible, if you don’t have a personal family physician. But it is still fruitful to consult a doctor to learn more about the medical side of the addiction and recovery process. The information may be useful to you. Afterwards, you will be aware of the disease known as addiction, its symptoms, and residual effects.

Look into aftercare options for them

Looking into available aftercare options available to the recovering addict is one the thing you should consider, when your important family is in rehab. Once they have finished their initial inpatient treatment, you may want to consider the nearest outpatient as well as other optional programs to keep them on a consistent recovery.

Consider a personal or family therapy

It is very positive for rebuilding your family if you have family therapy.  The rest of the family members can attend therapy as well, and address some important matters before the precious ones come home. Even a therapist can offer unique insights about where are you and the family are emotionally and psychologically with the recent rehab situation.

Attend a family program

Many rehab centers and alcohol and drug addiction intervention in Nevada that offer family programs report that it is an absolutely exceptional experience to take part in. As someone who wants to have a better understanding and grow with the important ones, support him or her through the recovery. Family programs can also give your precious family the much needed encouragement in knowing that he or she is not alone.

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