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When heavy drinkers have decided to stop “cold turkey” in a sudden, they will probably experience physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawals that can start from minor to severe and even life threatening alcohol withdrawal symptoms, Addiction Recovery Care Center says. Alcohol withdrawal is a disease that will most likely occur to those individuals who have […]

Awesome Tips On How To Deal With A Violent Alcoholic

Alcoholics are sometimes difficult to deal with. It only becomes more complicated when that alcoholic is a loved one or someone really dear to you. You may get tired and frustrated with arguing over the issue with your precious one, especially if alcohol addiction is not just the only problem. If you have to deal […]

It is somewhat a relief that your loved one has finally admitted that he or she has a big problem with alcohol and drugs and agreed to rehab. Perhaps you went through the process of searching for the best addiction and rehab treatments, or put together an alcohol and drug addiction intervention and had the […]


The Connection between homelessness and Substance Abuse Homelessness is frequently linked with substance abuse. Though it is real that may inside this circles do have alcohol and drug issue, it would be downright to claim that the two are no connected. Some addicts don’t become homeless and most homeless aren’t addicts. Many countries in the […]