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Homelessness and Substance Abuse

Posted: January 10, 2015 by in Addiction Recovery Care Center


The Connection between homelessness and Substance Abuse

Homelessness is frequently linked with substance abuse. Though it is real that may inside this circles do have alcohol and drug issue, it would be downright to claim that the two are no connected. Some addicts don’t become homeless and most homeless aren’t addicts. Many countries in the west have witnessed recently an increase in the numbers of homeless and this can’t just be attributed to drug abuse problems.

Homelessness happens for many various reasons. It is a complicated issue that does not appear to have any easy answers. Some people may later turn to world of addiction and dependence as a means to cope with their lack of a fixed address. It can be tough to know how much drug abuse prompts to homelessness compared with the rate of recurrence by which homelessness leads to drug abuse.

In the past it was usual to rebuke the homeless by whipping or beating them in public or placing them in prison. Nowadays, such individuals are treated a bit better, but they still have to looked down upon as untouchables. In some cities there will be necessities to help such people, but the problems displays no signs and indications of going away. It can be more difficult for those with drug abuse problems to access of any services. They are more possible to fall through the rock bottom.

Homelessness Defined

Apparently, the word homelessness can seem to have an obvious meaning, but it can be sometimes quite difficult to define what is meant by this. This is for the reason that the word home is quite indefinite. Some individuals stay in the tent and cardboard which they may classify as their home. Some will go from shelter to shelter where the can be able to find short-term accommodation.

In the United States, the Federal Definition of Homelessness refers to individuals who include:

  • Anyone who doesn’t have fixed or even nighttime residence that is suitable for their needs.
  • Those people who live in the short term institution, a shelter or anywhere that has not been built as a place for individuals to sleep.

What are the Causes of Homelessness?

Alcohol and drug abuse can lead to homeless, but substance abuse is simply one of many factors, that include:

  • Poverty
  • Mental Illness
  • No local affordable houses
  • Divorce or other relationship breakdown
  • Natural Disaster victims
  • Rent arrears
  • Escaping an abusive home
  • Unemployment
  • Domestic violence victims
  • Some individuals who have been socially excluded

Dangers of Homelessness

Homeless individuals tend to be the most susceptible members of society. Some of the biggest risks they face are:

  • Health issues within this circle tend to be ignored or neglected. That means that they can have various physical or mental health conditions that are left untreated.
  • The homeless people are far more likely to become a victim of some crime. There is very slight personal security that exists for such people.
  • Such individuals are at more risk of developing nutritional deficiencies that can lead to some health issues
  • Such individuals are less likely to be able to avoid addiction because of some temptation outside

Substance Abuse and Homelessness

It is assumed that about 26% of homeless people abuse drugs while 38% regularly use abuse alcohol. These survey displays that substance abuse among this circle is expressively higher than the genera; population. This has led some individuals to determine that it is use of alcohol and drugs that is most significant factor to this situation. It is unlikely that the state is as clear cut as this; it may be that lot of these folks turn to addictive substances as a means to deal with homelessness. These individuals will often be dealing with anxiety and stress and some will have mental health issues, so it is clear that many will be attracted to turn to drug abuse as a form of self-medication.

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